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Fast Lane with Sara Jayne

The Fast Lane with Sara Jayne Podcast and Blog is for all women managing the hectic pace of life, and our mission is to share stories, ideas and life lessons that can help add a little humor, motivation and support to your busy schedule.


Secret Society

blog Mar 30, 2021

I know that there is a secret society in my house, that I am not a part of. I have not lost my mind, just hear me out. I have no idea when these meetings take place, but they obviously do. I do know the topics. In no particular order....

What can we fight about?
How can we get moms eyes to get big and do that little squeal?
What can we jump off of that would scare mom?
How hard can we tackle each other before actual harm is done?
What names can we call each other?
How loud can we swallow when drinking?
How loud can we chew with our mouths open?
How loud can we chew with our mouths closed?
What can we eat to make our breath horrendous?
How close do we need to be to mom so she can smell said breath?
How many clothes can we put on top of the hamper?
How many cups can each of us use per day and leave on the counter?
How many shoes can we leave lying in random places?
How many times can we lose a shoe?
How many times can we misplace a glove?
How many questions can we ask after being tucked in?
How loud...

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Menu of the Week

menu Mar 29, 2021

Maybe this is my own personal recipe book ;) But, I find this fun and I think we should have fun in life so here is what is up at the Klein's this week!

Left over brisket with GLUTEN FREE ONION RINGS!
I can not tell you the last time I had an onion ring was. Ryan thinks they may be a PITA to make, and he may be right, but I'm giving this a shot!

In my quest to empty the freezer, we are dining on elk. If you don't have an elk roast lying around I think it would work with any type of roast ;)

Let's be honest, Creamy Beef and Shells is a fancy name for hamburger hot dish. And, at our house it will actually be called Creamy Beef and Elbows.

I am a sucker for meatloaf. Good meatloafs. I hear so many stories or see shows where kids dread meatloaf. I honestly can't even...

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Episode 45: Life Refined with Dr. Staci Blume

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2021

Dr. Staci joins Sara Jayne to discuss benefits and myths of chiropractic. Dr. Staci also talks about helping her family and patients live their best life. 

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Not Just a Cat

blog Mar 22, 2021

Grief is an emotion I find hard to show. When my dad passed away it was something I dealt with very internally, and that would be a blog of it's own. When one of our loved ones die we unite, gather together to celebrate their life and bond with others over the love you had for the person. The loss of a pet does not compare to that of a person. I don't know if I will be able to write about the loss of a person because, well, it's tough for me. 

This week I had to deal with the loss of my 16.5 year old cat. Remember, I am not comparing the loss of a human to the loss of a pet. We are able to talk with our friends/family when a loved one dies, but when we lose  a pet it is something we really tackle on our own because no one had a relationship with that animal like we did. Not only do I now have a void since Oliver is gone, but it makes me analyze my life. It makes me question my mortality. I think of all of the milestones he was present for, our wedding, first house,...

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Puzzle of Life

blog Mar 08, 2021

At least a year ago I bought a puzzle at K-Mart. Never opened it. I like to do a puzzle around Christmas time, we did that almost every year at our house when I was growing up. Now, haven't done one for a few years. In January I decided to get that puzzle out and do it. 1000 piece, took me 7 days. Working on it on and off, usually while watching Forensic Files, I am a fan of the multi-tasking. Had so much fun I needed to continue. I had a ton of Forensic Files taped and instead of just sitting and watching it, which seems like I am being unproductive, I was going to do puzzles too. A friend of mine and her hubby had just had a puzzle kick as well and she had three 1000 piece ones ready for me to borrow. Two took me 7 days each and one took me 3 days. I am not trying to bore you with details, but there is a reason for my timelines here. As I am working on puzzles I kind of like to do it alone. Just because I get in weird moods where I sort things certain ways and whatever. I am not...

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Menu of the Week!

menu Mar 07, 2021

So, this week the menu is odd for my regular menu. We are doing a little detoxing around here and it is not interesting enough to explain, but chicken, cod, flounder, shrimp, turkey are on the menu. I will be altering these to make sure they fit with our detox but here are the basic recipes I'm using. I am still trying to clean out the freezer too and I have a lot of ground turkey, chicken legs and cod. The flounder will be something new. Wish me luck. The kids may eat some of this but I might be making a tater tot hotdish to supplement them ;) I hope you enjoy one!

I love buffalo sauce, so am pretty excited for these!
Light Crock Pot Buffalo Turkey Meatballs - Easy Appetizer (

I will be making these in my air fryer....I love how chicken wings and legs come out using the air fryer!
The Best Baked Chicken Drumsticks - Curbing Carbs

I love cod. We have a chili lime seasoning here that we like to use on it and I suspect that will be thrown on as well. 
Cod Fish...

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Staaaaahp with the Advice

blog Mar 01, 2021

My day job consists of helping people who are in pain. Sometimes I am helping people detox and I am often recommending different supplements to help people achieve their healthiest self. People come to me for advice, I help them the best way I know how. Fun, right? I need people in my life that I can go to for advice to help me live my best life. I have tried different workouts, different meal plans, different supplements, all on my quest for health. And, you know what? What is right for me, might not be right for you, and vice versa. It is fun and exciting when we find something that works for us, we want to shout it to the world. And, we should. If we could help someone achieve better health (someone who wants to achieve better health) we should be sharing. Because, sharing is caring. How about the people who don't want to know? Well, you can post all day long about it and they can just keep scrolling. Or, how about the people who like to judge you for what you eat, how you...

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