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Fast Lane with Sara Jayne

The Fast Lane with Sara Jayne Podcast and Blog is for all women managing the hectic pace of life, and our mission is to share stories, ideas and life lessons that can help add a little humor, motivation and support to your busy schedule.


Episode 24: Words of Wisdom with Sara Widdel Beaudrie

podcast Oct 01, 2020

On this episode of the Fast Lane with Sara Jayne podcast, Sara Jayne talks to Sara Widdel Beaudrie, author of the book Words Of Wisdom from the Wise Old Owls of North Dakota. Sara Beaudrie discusses what prompted her to write the book, what it consists of, how she gathered the stories and life lessons and insights that she learned along the way. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Sara Widdel Beaudrie’s book Words Of Wisdom from the Wise Old Owls of North Dakota was inspired by her grandmother. 
  • Sara Widdel Beaudrie wishes for simpler times and not being so reliant on technology.  
  • What might the pandemic have been like when Sara Jayne and Sara Beaudrie were growing up? 
  • When people had less sometimes they were more willing to take chances to start businesses and passion projects.  
  • What were the ways in which Sara collected stories? 
  • Words Of Wisdom from the Wise Old Owls of North Dakota took a year and a half to write. 
  • People didn’t...
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Episode 23: Hands that Heal with Dr. Cody Senkyr

podcast Sep 24, 2020

On this episode of the Fast Lane with Sara Jayne podcast, Sara Jayne talks to Dr. Cody Senkyr, Chiropractor based in Indianapolis. Dr. Cody Senkyr shares the journey that has brought him towards becoming a chiropractor, the benefits of keeping your body tuned up with chiropractic work, and he also debunks some of the myths surrounding chiropractic work. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Dr. Cody Senkyr has set up a new chiropractic practice in Indianapolis.  
  • How has it been starting a new practice during COVID-19?  
  • Education is needed to help people understand everything that chiropractic work can help their bodies with. 
  • Our lifestyles are breaking our bodies down quicker. It isn’t just an age-related thing.  
  • Dr. Cody Senkyr talks about an intense car accident his family experienced.  
  • Cody thought about benign a dentist at first before becoming a chiropractor. 
  • Spinal surgery can cost $80,000. 
  • What are some of the...
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Episode 22: Spreading the Gospel through Baseball with Miguel Terrero

podcast Sep 17, 2020

On this episode of the Fast Lane with Sara Jayne podcast, Sara Jayne chats with Miguel Terrero of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes about his journey to finding Christ. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Miguel grew up with a Christian mom, while his dad was involved in “witchcraft.” 
  • His parents separated when he was young, and he ended up getting into baseball. 
  • When he was playing baseball, he didn’t share the gospel with his teammates or coaches. 
  • When he was 20 years old, he decided to stop playing baseball. 
  • When he first quit baseball, his father encouraged him to join the military, but he decided to instead devote his life to Christianity. 
  • Miguel is part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 
  • When focusing on his relationship with Christ, he felt called to repair his relationship with his mother. 
  • He is currently working on a mission in the Dominican Republic using sports as a ministry. 

3 Key Points:

  1. When he...
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Episode 21: Chasing the Sun with Casey Elmore

podcast Sep 10, 2020

On this episode of the Fast Lane with Sara Jayne podcast, Sara Jayne talks to Casey Elmore about health and wellness, living life in a camper named Alpie with three kids and a dog, what it means to be “chasing the sun,” and more. 


Episode Highlights: 

  • Casey mentions that she has given birth to all of her children completely naturally. 
  • She and her husband and three children live in their camper and are traveling around the United States. 
  • Casey and her husband have an online wellness business that allows them to live the lifestyle they do. 
  • Even in their larger house, they noticed that they were all often in the same room anyway and it made sense to them to downsize. 
  • Casey says that they’ve had to be super intentional about their clothes and style, and it’s made her specifically really consider her sense of style and fashion and what it means to her. 
  • Casey and her family don’t carry health insurance because...
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Episode 20: The Detox Project with Henry Rowlands

podcast Aug 27, 2020

In this episode of the Fast Lane with Sara Jayne podcast, Sara Jayne speaks with Henry Rowlands of The Detox Project about testing people for chemical exposure, health problems caused by glyphosate, the history of glyphosate, and the importance of making chemical exposure a personal issue. This episode provides valuable insight into how chemicals affect us and what we can do to change the current system. 


Episode Highlights: 

  • Henry describes The Detox Project, which started as a testing organization.
  • They concentrate on hair testing. They test for agricultural pesticides.
  • They do testing on lots of people in different populations.
  • The other side of their work is about food testing to check for pesticides in food products.
  • Henry grew up on an organic farm in rural Wales.
  • He created his own platform, Sustainable Pulse, to publish articles about pesticides.
  • Glyphosate was designed in the 1960s to clean out metal pipes. In the 1970s people began using it as a...
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Episode 19: Rehabilitation after Human Trafficking

podcast Aug 20, 2020

In this episode of the Fast Lane with Sara Jayne podcast, Sara Jayne speaks with Rose, who talks about the rescue, restoration, and reintegration organization she helped start and worked within the Dominican Republic to save girls from human trafficking.


Episode Highlights: 

  • What are some of the challenges Rose had helping girls get out of human trafficking? 
  • At one point there were two girls from different gangs that came to her organization’s care. 
  • How did Rose calm the girls who fought each other down? 
  • They had a girl punch through a glass window. 
  • Was it normal to be dealing with girls from gangs? 
  • What were some of the best success stories with girls’ lives getting turned around? 
  • Does she stay in contact with girls that she has worked with? 
  • Do the host moms live on-site or at their own homes?  
  • Did they ever have someone try to come and pull a girl out of the house? 
  • Do human trafficking statistics...
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Episode 18: Title: The Truth with Dr. Bob Rakowski

podcast Aug 13, 2020

On today’s episode of Fast Lane with Sara Jayne, Sara speaks with Dr. Bob Rakowski, a doctor of chiropractic based in Housten, Texas who focuses on helping people live a better lifestyle and improve their health day by day. Dr. Bob explains his beliefs about the Covid-19 crisis, such as why masks aren’t necessary and why the case numbers are falsified. He also talks about the dangers of vaccines.


Episode Highlights: 


  • Why do you think it is so difficult for many people to make good choices?
  • Doing all the right things takes much more effort, but it is worth it.
  • It can become easier once you are in a routine.
  • You can get addicted to things that are good for you, like exercise, good foods, and quality sleep routines.
  • A lot of people are addicted to sugar.
  • Environment can play a large factor in addiction and overcoming addiction.
  • How do you help people, especially children, overcome their sugar addictions?
  • Most of the physical part of the addiction can be...
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Episode 17: Drink Your Way to Better Health with a Berkey

podcast Aug 06, 2020

On today’s episode of Fast Lane with Sara Jayne, Sara speaks with Guy from Berkey. For those who don’t know, Berkey is a gravity-fed water filtration system. Guy speaks about the difference between Berkey and other water filtration systems, and also explains the difference between water filtration and water purification. Guy and Sara discuss the benefits of cleaner water and the benefit hydration has on your entire body.


Episode Highlights: 


  • Berkeys have 2 chambers, the upper chamber has carbon filters and the lower filter collects the purified water.
  • Berkeys can filter all water except saltwater, even water from lakes, streams, runoff, etc.
  • What is your opinion of plastic bottled water?
  • Guy is not a fan of bottled water, it creates too much waste.
  • Why do you consider Berkey the best product out there?
  • Guy believes Berkey has the best ability to remove toxins from the water; their filters remove over 200 contaminants. 
  • Berkey filters also last...
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Episode 16: Protecting our Children with Rose Terrero

podcast Jul 30, 2020

On today’s episode of Fast Lane with Sara Jayne, Sara speaks with Rose Terrero. Rose speaks about her experience working in the Dominican Republic for an organization to help save minors from child trafficking. Rose speaks about the different situations they would see, the programs their organization offers to children, and offers advice for what parents can do to protect their children and help prevent child trafficking.


Episode Highlights: 

  • Rose is currently living in the Dominican Republic, and she has been living out of the US for 6 years.
  • When you lived in Guatemala, what did you do?
  • How did this change when you moved to the DR?
  • Rose worked as the director’s assistant for a company that worked to help minors escaping child trafficking. 
  • As the director’s assistant, what were your day-to-day operations like?
  • What was the average age of the children you were saving?
  • Rose’s organization worked specifically with minors, mainly 11-17 year...
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Episode 15: Surviving Ted Bundy

podcast Jul 23, 2020

On today’s episode of Fast Lane with Sara Jayne, Sara speaks with Kathy Kleiner. Kathy tells her story about growing up with Lupus, going to college, and surviving an attack by Ted Bundy. Kathy speaks about her recovery process, and how she had to pull deeply on her inner strength to persevere and not let that moment define the rest of her life.


Episode Highlights: 

  • Kathy recounts her childhood, remembering her father, and learning that her father passed away when she was 5. 
  • Later, Kathy’s mother remarried and her step-father adopted her and she took his last name.
  • When she was in sixth grade, Kathy fell ill and was eventually diagnosed with systemic Lupus at 13.
  • Kathy did an experimental chemotherapy treatment for her Lupus when she was 13.
  • With your Lupus, did you experience more pain or exhaustion?
  • Do you continue to have issues with Lupus now?
  • Kathy does not want to let Lupus hold her back.
  • After you graduated from high school what did you do?
  • ...
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