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Episode 27: Shamelessly Feminine with Jen Rozenbaum

podcast Oct 15, 2020

Shamelessly Feminine with Jen Rozenbaum 


On this episode of the Fast Lane with Sara Jayne podcast, Sara Jayne talks to Jen Rozenbaum, a Long Island, New York-based therapeutic photographer, writer, breast cancer survivor helping women celebrate their unique femininity. Jen Rozenbaum discusses her battle with breast cancer, expressing femininity through photography, writing, and her podcast Shamelessly Feminine.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Jen Rosenbaum shares her background and how she got involved in photography.  
  • Jen talks about being diagnosed with breast cancer.  
  • How did she find out that she has breast cancer?  
  • 85% of breast cancer cases don’t have breast cancer in their family.  
  • What were Jen’s next steps after getting diagnosed with breast cancer? 
  • Jen’s daughter was 12 when Jen Rozenbaum was diagnosed.  
  • We don’t see ourselves the way that other people see us.  
  • Jen Rozenbaum explains the therapeutic aspect of her photography work.  
  • People limit their lives based on their physical attributes that they assume other people are dwelling on.  
  • Look at yourself with love.  
  • What does Jen Rozenbaum do with the photos? 
  • What can we expect from Jen Rozenbaum’s book?  

3 Key Points:

  1. Jennifer Rosenbaum works to help women celebrate their unique femininity via photography, writing, social media, her breast cancer journey 
  2. Shed your clothes. Shed your inhibitions.  
  3. Both women and men need to check their breasts and get tested for breast cancer, 

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