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Fast Lane with Sara Jayne

The Fast Lane with Sara Jayne Podcast and Blog is for all women managing the hectic pace of life, and our mission is to share stories, ideas and life lessons that can help add a little humor, motivation and support to your busy schedule.


Episode 54: Chakra Based Energetics & Healing with Lisa Erickson

podcast Jun 03, 2021

Lisa Erickson is an energy worker specializing in women's energetics, sexual trauma healing, chakra manifestation, and kundalini awakening,  She is the author of Chakra Empowerment for Women and The Art and Science of Meditation both published by Llewellyn Worldwide. She helps women maximize and balance their energy during key life transits such as pregnancy, post-partum, perimenopause and menopause, including balancing the mother-child energy line. She also works with individuals to heal emotional wounds on an energy level from abuse and assault. Her private session work includes working with the chakras for goal manifestation by identifying emotional and karmic blocks lodged in the chakras, and working to clear them and align the chakras with future goals.

Lisa is certified in mindfulness meditation instruction and trauma sensitivity, and has trained in a variety of kundalini and healing modalities...

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Ridiculous Standards

blog May 30, 2021

Why in the world do we hold ourselves to ridiculous standards? Maybe I should rephrase that to say, why in the world do I hold myself to ridiculous standards? But I know some of you reading this feel the exact same way. 

Why do we want to be good at all the things? And when we are not we are upset? When I say I want to be good at 'all the things' I mean, the things that are important to me. Not the things I 'should do' or 'have to do.' I am only talking about the things I have decided to take on in my life. 

Why am I upset when I'm lying in bed at night and then remember I saw it was "National Puppy Day" and I didn't post a photo of my dogs, clearly that must mean I don't like them, right? I am sure every single person I know on social media was absolutely appalled that they did not see a picture of my dogs....eye roll......

So, where does it come from? Where does the feeling of inadequacy come from? For me, it does not come from my friends or family, or strangers, because...

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Episode 52: Non Toxic Mama Jen Barsamian

podcast May 20, 2021


Connect with Jen:
Jen Barsamian | Facebook
Instagram: @Jen.Barsamian

The book Jen references: 

The Detox Solution: The Missing Link to Radiant Health, Abundant Energy, Ideal Weight, and Peace of Mind: Fitzgerald, Patricia: 9780970829900: Books

The test Jen references:

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