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Ridiculous Standards

blog May 30, 2021

Why in the world do we hold ourselves to ridiculous standards? Maybe I should rephrase that to say, why in the world do I hold myself to ridiculous standards? But I know some of you reading this feel the exact same way. 

Why do we want to be good at all the things? And when we are not we are upset? When I say I want to be good at 'all the things' I mean, the things that are important to me. Not the things I 'should do' or 'have to do.' I am only talking about the things I have decided to take on in my life. 

Why am I upset when I'm lying in bed at night and then remember I saw it was "National Puppy Day" and I didn't post a photo of my dogs, clearly that must mean I don't like them, right? I am sure every single person I know on social media was absolutely appalled that they did not see a picture of my dogs....eye roll......

So, where does it come from? Where does the feeling of inadequacy come from? For me, it does not come from my friends or family, or strangers, because I gave up on pleasing people long ago. But then I have my own worst enemy to deal with. The person who non-stop challenges me on a daily basis to be better, do better, live better. To some extent, I think that is a good thing. And then I think about not posting that dog photo.....

I have decided, maybe for my own sanity, that this is a good characteristic to have. I think it is a good characteristic to have ONLY if you are holding yourself to realistic standards and at the end of the day know you did what you could and be ok with it. No one is judging you like you are. NO ONE. Sometimes it feels like everyone is, when really they are worried about their own life, as they should be. 

At the end of the day I think it is great to constantly have goals and hold yourself to whatever standards level you are comfortable with. I also think it is important that we remember we are doing this for ourselves, not for anyone else. So, let's be real, I will continue to be ridiculous somedays but I think I will also forget about these posts that never made it to social media. I know I like my dogs, and you really don't care if I do or not. So now, I can find the next topic to overanalyze. 



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