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Leaving the Comfort Zone

blog Apr 06, 2021

I like to post on social media questions that my friends can answer. Not because I am nosy but because I can learn something from anyone. I like to see what other people are reading, I might find the next book to read. I like to have people vote on polls to see what they like. I find this entertaining. So yesterday, I posted about stepping outside of your comfort zone. Here is what I posted:

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"

Read that again....
“Life Begins at the end of YOUR comfort zone!”
What have you done lately to step outside of your comfort zone?!
I had one friend comment on that post. ONE! I have 1600 friends on the Facebook. I know that not everyone saw the post but mathematically speaking, WAY less than 1% of my friends responded. I was excited when I posted that. I was excited to see what people were doing. What was I expecting? 
I joined a yoga class!
I am trying a new hair color/style!
I am taking a new class!
I am....doing anything really.
One friend said she enjoys taking classes, and she is a go getter and inspires me. But I was disappointed that only one person responded. Not saying I need peoples ideas to motivate me, that's not my point. It made me think "Is no one trying anything different or new?" and then I thought "Or, do people feel uncomfortable sharing what they are doing?" Which is kind of sad because that is the point of stepping out of your comfort zone. 
I think I have stepped out of my comfort zone plenty the last year. I am sharing this not because I am saying "look at me!" but because I am happy I am trying something new because that is what helps me grow as a person. So, what have I done that is new?
I started a podcast, which was a year ago April 16. Why did I do this? Because I just wanted to. What is the purpose of it? Hmm. I think my original purpose of it was to motivate and educate women on different topics. But it has evolved to more than that. I actually need to change my intro because it is not a podcast just for women. I have men who listen to. I broadened my horizons and instead of just talking about mom stuff, which I thought would be the bread and butter, I started talking to people who interested me. People who I thought had a legit story to share and that could inform and entertain people. It's true, maybe I should hone in on exactly what my podcast platform is, but I'm learning and I am having fun.
I started a blog. Why did I do this? Again, I wanted to. I like to help people. I am a chiropractor, this is what I do daily, help people. But living in a small town I have a limited number of people I can help. The blog helps me reach people who are anywhere. So, that is neat.  I LOVE when people message me about how they can relate or how it positively affected them. I also like to type, and I'm having fun.
I think I am sharing a lot of the same things I shared in the "I'm Not the Same Person Anymore," blog, which is fine because at least I'm being consistent ;)
I am selling non-toxic products with a direct sales company. I get the "You have a job, why do you do that?" Here again, I think consistency is key. I tell people all the time how important it is to eat well and take good supplements. Why should we be ingesting all the right things when using potentially harmful things on the outside? I am passionate about toxin free living. Am I 100% toxin free? No, I am not. Have I significantly cut down the toxins for my family and myself? Yep. Do I do this for my friends, family, and patients as well? Sure do. Because I enjoy it. I love when people tell me how much they love a product and how it has helped them or someone they know. 
I could go on but I think you get the point. And, I want people to enjoy my blog and not endure rambling ;) Reading over this one thing is obvious to me and I hope it is obvious to everyone who knows me. I like people. I like to help people. More than anything, I LOVE when people are living their best life. I love seeing pictures of my friends doing fun things with their families and friends, or even by themselves. I like seeing people try something new and step out of their comfort zones. I truly love when other people are happy and living their best life. I am happy seeing other people be happy. That's why I do what I do. Yes, it seems like a lot and sometimes I might seem like a tornado. But, I enjoy it and at the end of my day, that's what matters. Your happiness makes me happy, and if I can at all be a part of your happiness....that is what helps me live my best life. 

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