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Secret Society

blog Mar 30, 2021

I know that there is a secret society in my house, that I am not a part of. I have not lost my mind, just hear me out. I have no idea when these meetings take place, but they obviously do. I do know the topics. In no particular order....

What can we fight about?
How can we get moms eyes to get big and do that little squeal?
What can we jump off of that would scare mom?
How hard can we tackle each other before actual harm is done?
What names can we call each other?
How loud can we swallow when drinking?
How loud can we chew with our mouths open?
How loud can we chew with our mouths closed?
What can we eat to make our breath horrendous?
How close do we need to be to mom so she can smell said breath?
How many clothes can we put on top of the hamper?
How many cups can each of us use per day and leave on the counter?
How many shoes can we leave lying in random places?
How many times can we lose a shoe?
How many times can we misplace a glove?
How many questions can we ask after being tucked in?
How loud do we need to yell 'mom' when lying in bed?
How frequently can we ask the same question within a matter of minutes?
How loud can we scream?
What objects can we hit with a ball when playing in the house?

Pull shower curtain out of the tub so water runs on the floor.
Put dishes in sink, NOT in dishwasher.
Leave nerf guns on steps, preferably the bottom two, not in toy room. 
One of us needs to spill daily.
Leave coats, books, bags, anything really on the floor of the car.
Step on above said items frequently, especially if they are clean.
Leave garbage in the car, it is basically a trash can on wheels.
Do not get out of bed when first woken up, lie there as long as you can.

Super Important Items:
Hug mom every chance you can.
Say "I love you" throughout the day.
Hold moms hand.
Pick all of the dandelions you can find and bring to mom.
Laugh whenever you can, mom likes that sound.
All three of us need to snuggle watching a show (not too often).
Crawl on moms lap.
Be proud to be a 'mama's boy.' 

Now that I have thought about this, maybe they don't have meetings. Maybe they can read each others minds. Or maybe they just need to give each other 'a look' and they just understand each other. I just know this society exists, but I wouldn't have it any other way. The chaos some days makes me a little crazy but, it won't last forever and those "Super Important Items" can make me forget about all of mayhem. And, I did create this secret society so maybe I should be proud ;)



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