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Fast Lane with Sara Jayne

The Fast Lane with Sara Jayne Podcast and Blog is for all women managing the hectic pace of life, and our mission is to share stories, ideas and life lessons that can help add a little humor, motivation and support to your busy schedule.


Episode 97: YogaFit with Beth Shaw

podcast Aug 11, 2022

Beth Shaw is in the Fast Lane today! Beth is the author of four best-selling books on health and wellness. A pioneer in the Wellness, Yoga & Fitness space in North America, Beth is the CEO and Founder of YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide Inc the global mind-body education school, YogaFit.
Beth is a go-to yoga/mindfulness expert in the media and has been featured in numerous fitness, business, and consumer publications Beth is a frequent speaker at universities, conferences, and Fortune 500 Corporations. Beth educates others on Health & Mindfulness in the workplace and conscious business.

]Yoga Teacher Training & Instructor Certification Courses | YogaFit | YogaFit Yoga Teacher Training

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Episode 96: Taking Back Her Health with Jaime Hasby

podcast Jul 28, 2022

Jaime Hasby is in the Fast Lane discussing her tumultuous health journey. Jaime had been ill on and on for several years and was told so many times "It's just the way you are," before she took control of her health until she found answers to why she was sick. Jaime encourages people to never give up in finding the answer to their issues and reassures everyone they are not alone, there is someone out there who can help. 

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Episode 95: Energize Your Space with Annette Rugolo

podcast Jul 21, 2022


Have you ever gone somewhere and had a bad feeling about the place? Have you ever not enjoyed a specific room in your house or even your office?! Annette Rugolo is back in the Fast Lane! This time we discuss space clearing and dowsing, raising the energy in your environment to help you heal and enjoy the space you are in. 

Annette Rugolo | Live an Enlightened Life

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Episode 94: Chiropractic is Not Just Pain Relief with Dr. Angie Graper

podcast Jul 14, 2022

Dr. Angie Graper, a classmate of Dr. Sara's from chiropractic school, is in the Fast Lane discussing the benefits of chiropractic. Chiropractic is mostly known for back pain relief, which it obviously helps with, but there are so many more benefits! Dr. Graper helps patients of all ages get to the root cause of each issue.


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Episode 93: Body Talk with Kylene Kinnischtzke

podcast Jul 07, 2022

Kylene Kinnischtzke is in the Fast Lane with Sara Jayne to discuss the benefits of Body Talk and how it can help people heal from the inside. Kylene is a holistic practitioner who has dedicated her life to helping others through different modalities. Kylene can help anyone, anytime, anywhere due to her virtual practice.


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Episode 92: Feng Shui with Tina Atchley

podcast Jun 30, 2022

Tina helps her clients organize their space, eliminate disturbing energetic frequencies and remove environmental toxins. Tina addresses everything in your environment— including toxins in your cleaning or personal care products, electromagnetic pollutants, disturbances in the land energy and more—to ensure that you are being fully supported.

Tina is a Certified Feng Shui and Dowsing Consultant, as well as a Professional Organizer. She has studied with world-renowned Feng Shui Master, Marie Diamond, Global Transformation Leader and featured speaker in THE SECRET, along with other recognized leaders in the field. Tina holds certifications in various energetic modalities including Feng Shui and Diamond Dowsing. She is a member of various organizations related to her fields of practice. She has a natural instinct for organizing and arranging items, bringing ease and calm to spaces. She is a believer in holistic and natural living.

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Episode 91: Activate Your Inner Peace with Nikki Lanigan

podcast Jun 23, 2022

Meet Nikki....a woman who is on a mission to live her best life while helping you live yours!
I am a wife, mom to two girls, a yoga, fitness, HIIT, and Barre instructor.  I am also a Holistic Health Coach through Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am trained in Yoga Shred, Yoga Psychology, meditation, chakra balancing, and EFT/Tapping. 
I was diagnosed and have struggled with anxiety and OCD since high school I realized how yoga and mediation helped me become calmer and more grounded I knew I had to take the training and become a teacher to help others. I got my 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2017 at the Carrie Treister School Of Yoga.
I specialize in helping burned out moms prioritize their health so they can thrive in life. I hope to empower women to say yes to their health and happiness while sharing tips + mindset shifts to level up.      
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Episode 90: Identity Changes with Ryan Klein

podcast Jun 09, 2022

Ryan Klein is back and we are chatting about how our identity changes as time goes on. Ryan talks about how this is evolving and it's good, while I was a little apprehensive about it. I also thought that as time passed I was no longer the person I used to be, Ryan had a different thought on that subject. This maybe is a female and male perspective on how life changes. And, for the record, I do not dwell or worry about what direction life is in, just aware of the changes. 

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Episode 89: Homebirth Experience with Paulette Efimenko

podcast Jun 02, 2022

Paulette Efimenko is someone who is near and dear to my heart. She was at my first two births, which were at home, and caught my babies. Paulette talks about why and how she got into home birthing and about her experiences along the way.

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Episode 88: The Truth about Fish Oil with Dr. Kristina Jackson

podcast May 26, 2022

Dr. Kristina Jackson, head of research at OmegaQuant is in the Fast Lane to tell us the difference between Omega 3 and Omega 6 and why they are important for your health. Dr. Jackson also discusses different testing OmegaQuant does to help you improve your health.

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