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The Fast Lane with Sara Jayne Podcast and Blog is for all women managing the hectic pace of life, and our mission is to share stories, ideas and life lessons that can help add a little humor, motivation and support to your busy schedule.


Secret Society

blog Mar 30, 2021

I know that there is a secret society in my house, that I am not a part of. I have not lost my mind, just hear me out. I have no idea when these meetings take place, but they obviously do. I do know the topics. In no particular order....

What can we fight about?
How can we get moms eyes to get big and do that little squeal?
What can we jump off of that would scare mom?
How hard can we tackle each other before actual harm is done?
What names can we call each other?
How loud can we swallow when drinking?
How loud can we chew with our mouths open?
How loud can we chew with our mouths closed?
What can we eat to make our breath horrendous?
How close do we need to be to mom so she can smell said breath?
How many clothes can we put on top of the hamper?
How many cups can each of us use per day and leave on the counter?
How many shoes can we leave lying in random places?
How many times can we lose a shoe?
How many times can we misplace a glove?
How many questions can we ask after being tucked in?
How loud...

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Not Just a Cat

blog Mar 22, 2021

Grief is an emotion I find hard to show. When my dad passed away it was something I dealt with very internally, and that would be a blog of it's own. When one of our loved ones die we unite, gather together to celebrate their life and bond with others over the love you had for the person. The loss of a pet does not compare to that of a person. I don't know if I will be able to write about the loss of a person because, well, it's tough for me. 

This week I had to deal with the loss of my 16.5 year old cat. Remember, I am not comparing the loss of a human to the loss of a pet. We are able to talk with our friends/family when a loved one dies, but when we lose  a pet it is something we really tackle on our own because no one had a relationship with that animal like we did. Not only do I now have a void since Oliver is gone, but it makes me analyze my life. It makes me question my mortality. I think of all of the milestones he was present for, our wedding, first house,...

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Puzzle of Life

blog Mar 08, 2021

At least a year ago I bought a puzzle at K-Mart. Never opened it. I like to do a puzzle around Christmas time, we did that almost every year at our house when I was growing up. Now, haven't done one for a few years. In January I decided to get that puzzle out and do it. 1000 piece, took me 7 days. Working on it on and off, usually while watching Forensic Files, I am a fan of the multi-tasking. Had so much fun I needed to continue. I had a ton of Forensic Files taped and instead of just sitting and watching it, which seems like I am being unproductive, I was going to do puzzles too. A friend of mine and her hubby had just had a puzzle kick as well and she had three 1000 piece ones ready for me to borrow. Two took me 7 days each and one took me 3 days. I am not trying to bore you with details, but there is a reason for my timelines here. As I am working on puzzles I kind of like to do it alone. Just because I get in weird moods where I sort things certain ways and whatever. I am not...

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Staaaaahp with the Advice

blog Mar 01, 2021

My day job consists of helping people who are in pain. Sometimes I am helping people detox and I am often recommending different supplements to help people achieve their healthiest self. People come to me for advice, I help them the best way I know how. Fun, right? I need people in my life that I can go to for advice to help me live my best life. I have tried different workouts, different meal plans, different supplements, all on my quest for health. And, you know what? What is right for me, might not be right for you, and vice versa. It is fun and exciting when we find something that works for us, we want to shout it to the world. And, we should. If we could help someone achieve better health (someone who wants to achieve better health) we should be sharing. Because, sharing is caring. How about the people who don't want to know? Well, you can post all day long about it and they can just keep scrolling. Or, how about the people who like to judge you for what you eat, how you...

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Birth Day

blog Feb 23, 2021

Birthdays can be magical when you're a kid. Today my son turned 10. Seriously, the whole day revolved around him. I non stop heard "I'm the birthday boy." Not in a bratty way, just as a matter of fact and very proud way. We do our best to celebrate these milestones in our house. So, we have birthday rituals and birthday suppers, you know, things people do. The birthday belongs to the person. But, there are three birth days I kind of secretly celebrate myself. Todays birth day marks the day I became a mom. Being a mom is a wild ride, one I am so grateful to be on. The gravity of being a parent really never hits you until they are here. When I was pregnant, especially when getting bigger and bigger, I thought I was really getting to understand what being a parent was like. Not the case for me. When I saw him and held him for the first time it was the most incredible feeling. I remember saying "Hi, I'm your mom." Seriously, meeting your person for the first time is crazy. Three of the...

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Menu of the Week!

blog Feb 21, 2021

So, I have decided every other week I post menu of the week...because to be honest sometimes the menu of the week lasts into two weeks because of left overs and hectic schedules. So, I share menu of the week when I have made my menu of the week :) Ryan and I are on a mission to clean out the pantry and freezers before we go buy any type of grocery, other than here and there to make a recipe. Do you have a pantry/fridge/freezer like many random things and just continue to pack it all in?! Well, I need to get a grip and clean this stuff out! I am anxious to see what Ryan does with the pheasant....but not this week....that will likely be a weekend meal. I usually cook during the week and he cooks on the weekends. He can have his own blog post ;)

So, tomorrow is my sons birthday and he has requested cheeseburgers and fries. With angel food cake, but you don't need to get so fancy. So, I will be trying to make it cute and fun, with this burger bar!
Build-Your-Own Burger Board |...

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We are Good Moms

blog Feb 09, 2021

Have you ever had a day where it seems like all you do is yell? Does it seem like everything your spouse or kids say maybe gets under your skin? No one is listening when you have repeatedly asked to clean up a mess, put something away, take a shower, get dressed, brush your teeth, take your vitamins, get in the car, lay down, shut the light off, go to get the point. We all have these days. Some times we experience weeks of this. I can vividly remember a few times when I have said something and then stopped and thought "Why in the world did I yell and why did I say that?" Sometimes we just have had enough. We have had enough noise and disrespect and we are tired. And you know what? That's ok. It's ok to be tired and it's ok to want the peace and quiet. Because we don't want that forever, we just sometimes need some time for ourselves. Think about everything you do for your family. I will list some of what I do, maybe you can relate. Primary care giver, chef, garb...

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The Kind of Mom I'm Going to Be

blog Jan 31, 2021

I think before we have kids we think "I'm not going to be that kind of mom," or "I'm going to do that when I'm a mom." Good joke. (I am obviously speaking from my experience, and from what I have heard from my friends and this may not apply to you, but....) I remember before I had kids, certain things I would see other kids do or say I would think "I won't let that happen." Without even knowing it, I would assume what kind of a mom I would be and I had ZERO experience. I laugh at this now. Becoming a parent was unlike anything else I have ever done in my life. If you are a parent, you get it. You know that either the moment they came out of your body, or the moment you held them for the first time, if maybe you adopted, your life would never, ever be the same. It's scary and it's great all at once. You meet this person for the first time, someone who you feel you have known forever when in reality you are starting a brand new relationship. I had no idea what kind of relationships I...

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I'm Not the Same Person Anymore

blog Jan 21, 2021

This won't be a surprise to anyone who knows me well, but I am not the same person anymore. I am not the same person I was 20 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago or even 1 year ago. Here is why. 20 years ago I was fresh out of high school, insecure as could be. Going to college, working at an amazing part time job. I didn't have a real plan, but day to day I went to class and things would work out. 10 years ago I was pregnant with my first child and getting ready to graduate from chiropractic school. Again, I had a plan but now I was looking at opening my own business and raising a person. Lots of emotions there. 5 years ago I had two kids, owned my business, was running one kid to pre-school and had a 2 year old oh, and I had one panic attack under my belt. One year ago I had two kids in school, one in daycare, still a chiropractor, panic attacks now a thing of the past, and had the idea of starting a podcast. And then we get to today. Right now I am homeschooling my two school...

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We broke up.

blog Jan 17, 2021

We broke up is maybe a little dramatic but that is almost how it is feeling. This weekend I decided to delete Facebook off of my phone (gasp!). So, I am back to the 'olden days.' You know, using my desktop. I appreciate social media because it allows me to share videos, photos and stories to my friends and family who I do not see very often. I also appreciate it because I love seeing photos of my friends and family and their loved ones and their funny stories. Seriously, it makes my day when I see some of your posts. For instance, I will watch you all post your pregnant belly photos and see your new baby photos and I sometimes honestly feel like I am part of the family. However, I started to realize that I was looking at all of your posts, all of the time. And by all of the time, I mean when I am standing in line at a store, sitting in my car, sitting at a restaurant, when I am sitting on my couch and my own kids are playing right in front of me, even when I was riding the...

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