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We broke up.

blog Jan 17, 2021

We broke up is maybe a little dramatic but that is almost how it is feeling. This weekend I decided to delete Facebook off of my phone (gasp!). So, I am back to the 'olden days.' You know, using my desktop. I appreciate social media because it allows me to share videos, photos and stories to my friends and family who I do not see very often. I also appreciate it because I love seeing photos of my friends and family and their loved ones and their funny stories. Seriously, it makes my day when I see some of your posts. For instance, I will watch you all post your pregnant belly photos and see your new baby photos and I sometimes honestly feel like I am part of the family. However, I started to realize that I was looking at all of your posts, all of the time. And by all of the time, I mean when I am standing in line at a store, sitting in my car, sitting at a restaurant, when I am sitting on my couch and my own kids are playing right in front of me, even when I was riding the Peloton. It was no longer a hobby, it was an addiction. Wow, that definitely sounds dramatic. But, isn't it an addiction when you grab your phone at any spare moment to look at it? I would consider that an addiction for me. This is RIDICULOUS, but at first I still went to my phone, opened it up and scrolled to find it and poof, it was gone. It felt like a break up, what once was there was gone. The funny thing is, I used to see parents at the mall or at the park, when their kids were playing and they wouldn't be watching their kids, they would be on their phone. One day while we were at the mall playground area this little boy was standing on top of the iceberg yelling "Dad! Dad! Daddy!" The dad was on his phone, not even listening. Then he said "Daddy, thanks for bringing me here! I'm having so much fun!" Again, the dad didn't even acknowledge. This made me sad for that little boy, so I vowed then to step back a notch, and I did, but still not enough. I haven't deleted social media entirely because this is how I communicate with people for my business and I still want to participate in sharing my fun photos and stories and continue to see yours. But I needed to take a step back for me and for my family. Dane P has said to me a few times "Oh, if I was the phone you would watch me." That stings. Like, really stings. He called me right out on that. And then I try to deny it. Really, Sara? You are sitting here looking at your phone, is that more important than what is going on around you? My answer was no. So, we broke up.


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