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The Extras

blog Sep 28, 2021

We go throughout life and usually are on autopilot with our daily tasks. We all have different daily schedules and sometimes our schedules may vary but there tends to be some predictability to it. There is some predictability to our daily lives throughout our whole lives. 

Have you ever thought about the supporting cast or extras in your life? If we think about our lives as a production, which technically they are, we have the main roles and we have supporting cast and we have extras. The main roles are people who we see a lot, know their backgrounds, know all the things about them and they about us. The supporting roles are the people who appear a lot, we don't know everything about them, they don't know everything about us, but we know enough about each other to make regular appearances. 

How about those extras? I want to focus on them for today. They are the people who are predictable, we see them a lot. Maybe we don't talk to them, or even really know them, but they are always there.

I bring this up because as I age in my hometown it is super obvious to me. I think about the woman who used to walk every single day and I would always wave or say hi, but we never were considered friends or real acquaintances but she was always there. I think about how I would drive my bike passed her house and she would be working in the yard or the garden. Mrs. Ganje was always walking or working. 

I think about being elementary school age. The summers where I would live carefree and every single day, around 10 am the mail would be delivered by Joe. Sometimes I would meet him out there and he would be super cheerful and we would chat, other times I would look out my window to see him, those days when I slept in like a bum ;) When he retired I would see him getting his mail, going to coffee, going to pinochle. He recently passed away and it is sad to me how I don't see him going about his daily routines. He was always friendly, always waved, always there.

As the years passed and I have grown into different roles in life and in my town I now know people socially and professionally. Being a chiropractor I have met some people that I never would have met before. I recently had one patient turned friend pass away, I found out about it in church. I looked at my husband, who wasn't familiar with her other than seeing her in church, and told him how sad I was. I enjoyed seeing her driving around town, at the gas station or the store. I enjoyed when she would come into my office with her positive attitude and giggle. Her loss is devastating to her family and it has left a void in my life as well.

There are many more examples but these have been on my mind recently. Some people might not even know what kind of role they play in your life. You might not know the kind of role you might play in someone's life. Am I circling back to "Always Be Kind" or "Be kind you don't know what someone is going through?" No, not really, I look at it as be a decent human. When we see people on the street, wave, smile, make a connection. That's what it is all about, connecting with others. We don't need to go out of our way to have a huge conversation or impact their lives in a major way. It's the little things.

Some day someone might remember you as an extra in their life, and even when we are gone, it would be nice to be remembered as a good extra. 


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