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Menu of the Week!

menu Mar 07, 2021

So, this week the menu is odd for my regular menu. We are doing a little detoxing around here and it is not interesting enough to explain, but chicken, cod, flounder, shrimp, turkey are on the menu. I will be altering these to make sure they fit with our detox but here are the basic recipes I'm using. I am still trying to clean out the freezer too and I have a lot of ground turkey, chicken legs and cod. The flounder will be something new. Wish me luck. The kids may eat some of this but I might be making a tater tot hotdish to supplement them ;) I hope you enjoy one!

I love buffalo sauce, so am pretty excited for these!
Light Crock Pot Buffalo Turkey Meatballs - Easy Appetizer (

I will be making these in my air fryer....I love how chicken wings and legs come out using the air fryer!
The Best Baked Chicken Drumsticks - Curbing Carbs

I love cod. We have a chili lime seasoning here that we like to use on it and I suspect that will be thrown on as well. 
Cod Fish Recipe with Garlic Butter Sauce | Primavera Kitchen

We have made fried rice a few times on our Blackstone grill and honestly haven't found a favorite recipe. Low carb fried rice on the menu!
Chicken Cauliflower Fried Rice Recipe LOW CARB | Best Recipe Box

I haven't met many foods that have butter and lemon that I haven't liked. Hoping this one doesn't disappoint!
Baked Lemon Butter Flounder | The Blond Cook


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