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Menu of the Week

menu Mar 29, 2021

Maybe this is my own personal recipe book ;) But, I find this fun and I think we should have fun in life so here is what is up at the Klein's this week!

Left over brisket with GLUTEN FREE ONION RINGS!
I can not tell you the last time I had an onion ring was. Ryan thinks they may be a PITA to make, and he may be right, but I'm giving this a shot!

In my quest to empty the freezer, we are dining on elk. If you don't have an elk roast lying around I think it would work with any type of roast ;)

Let's be honest, Creamy Beef and Shells is a fancy name for hamburger hot dish. And, at our house it will actually be called Creamy Beef and Elbows.

I am a sucker for meatloaf. Good meatloafs. I hear so many stories or see shows where kids dread meatloaf. I honestly can't even remember eating a meatloaf during childhood but as a mom I am killing it with the meatloaf recipes ;) Well, in my opinion, my kids aren't digging them as much but I think these cute little ones will be fun!

And, here we are to Friday. I won't be cooking supper at home Friday, we have the last wrestling tournament of the season. So we will be dining on whatever leftovers there may be for lunch and then who knows!

Enjoy the week!!


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