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Let's Normalize It

blog Nov 23, 2021

I am exhausted of everyone trying to normalize and judge everything. I'm not going to get deep into specific topics that I don't know much about so I'm going to go with an obvious topic that you have definitely heard people talking about.

I am tired of people trying to make being skinny normal. It's not. It is someone's body shape. Maybe they have that body shape because they really watch what they eat. Maybe they have tried to gain wait for years and are unable to and it bothers them that they are thin.

I am tired of people trying to make being not skinny normal. It's not. It's a body shape. I'm not talking about people being overweight because again, maybe some people have a hard time losing weight and they have a larger frame.  I know people who eat very healthy and are judged for being overweight when in reality they are at the healthiest point thus far in their lives. Or, maybe there are people who eat extremely unhealthy and they are overweight, which, is their choice.

I just want to know who made normal normal? Yes, that is exactly the sentence I wanted to say. What is normal? Normal is what is best for YOU. Not what is best for your neighbor, siblings, friends or anyone else.

I was recently at an Alabama football game. Bucket list item for me. There were people there for the football game, lining up waiting for the players and coaches to arrive. I was just taking it all in, excited to see all of the fans and the excitement everyone had.  Across the street there were some people running. I heard a lady behind me say "Oh, you think you're special because you're running on game day? Well you're not." I tilted my head almost like a dog trying to digest what I even heard. Who knows, they maybe have absolutely no interest in football but they love running. But better yet, why did she care?! I saw the people running. It crossed my mind that I am not a runner but I wasn't thinking anything about them running, because I truly don't care what people do on their Saturday mornings. So maybe running on Saturday morning was 'normal' for them. 

Have you ever thought about what little you actually know about people that you actually know? Wow, seems like I'm talking in circles today, but I am aware of the odd sentences I throw together. There are people you see everyday who have internal struggles you know nothing about. So, maybe your neighbor has gained (or lost) twenty pounds. Is that something you should bring up to your group of friends? Maybe she is dealing with something you know nothing about and now she has gained (or lost) weight but she is still the friendly neighbor she always has been. But, more than not we hear "So and so has gained a lot of weight, guess she doesn't care..." or "So and so has lost a lot of weight, I wonder if she's trying to find a boyfriend..." Why do we care about another persons body shape or size?! Really?! Why do we care?! 

I am not a perfect person. Never have been nor ever will be. But I am seriously EXHAUSTED to my core about people trying to normalize everything and judging everything instead of them just staying in their own lane and living their own lives as happily as they can. You are not the same as everyone, everyone is not the same as you. I don't know who decided to normalize judging and I am not sure who decided how and what is normal.

My point today in all of this rambling is. You need to do what is best for you. Sometimes it is difficult because there is so much background noise in our lives but that's all it is, noise. Stop letting people inform you of your worth. There are a lot of people who have a hard enough time with their own lives and they basically need to judge others or normalize what they are doing to feel good about themselves. 

We have been blessed with free will from God. You have the free will to be who you want to be. I love that. I love that we are each individual unique creatures. That does not mean you will get along and like everyone of the  unique creatures and vice versa. And, that's fine! 

My wish for you is that you will be the unique person that you want to be. That you will be happy in the skin you are in. You will appreciate what you have and you realize your worth. Because each and every one of us is amazing. No matter what size, shape, color or any physical attribute.

I hope you can surround yourself with amazing people who make you realize how amazing you are. Because you are. 

It's normal to be amazing ;) Let's normalize that. 




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