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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

blog Dec 27, 2020

For a few years I was very stressed by Christmas. It is the most wonderful time of the year but I was thinking it was the Most Wonderful Worst Time of Year. Where do we go? When do we go there? Who is feeling left out? What are we buying? What are we bringing? It seemed as if we were running non stop for a few days, presents were being opened left and right and then there is the awkwardness when your kid just wants to open gift after gift and doesn't acknowledge what they just opened. I know it isn't intentional, but the whole grateful aspect of the gift is lost. So, I would dread the holidays. Lots of running around and chaos. I love the days/weeks leading up to Christmas. The Christmas Story, the lights, the Hallmark movies, baking, Elf on the Shelf, Santa, the magic feeling in the air and especially how excited my kids are. I love it all. Just the actual celebrating days were what stressed me out. This year, I had a whole new outlook. It started out the same, stress and chaos. Then, it dawned on me. This isn't going to last forever. I know that. I know that my kids won't be kids forever but this year it stung a little. It started with Christmas music and dancing around the kitchen. I grabbed Crew and hugged him, saying I want him to be a little boy forever. He flat out said "Mom, you know that can't happen. Kids never stay kids forever." Truth. Then after all of the festivities Crew says to me "Mom, I didn't get one toy this year." So, I think about everything he got, and I would consider a Nerf gun a toy. But otherwise it was movies, games, clothes, all things that he will use. But he was right, there was no actual toy. He is at the age where he doesn't necessarily sit and play with toys like how he used to sit and play with blocks or trucks. Again, this stung. His Christmas list consisted of MANY Vikings jerseys and some snowmobiling gear. Zero toys. I know this isn't a big deal but it is like closing a chapter to a book. I have 8 Christmas' left with that one. 8! As I sit here and whine about how chaotic the holidays are and stress because of my ridiculousness my kids are growing up so fast. It was almost like this Christmas gave me a good slap across the face. Suck it up, Sara. Holidays are chaotic. Daily life is chaotic. Embrace the crazy because soon enough the kids won't have the magic...soon enough the kids won't be here dancing in the kitchen with me either. And hopefully soon I stop crying as I write this because Ryan Klein is rolling his eyes at me. I hope your holidays were great, we sure enjoyed ours and next year I won't let it cross my mind that it could be the Most Wonderful Worst Time of Year.


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