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Episode 9: Active Choices with Peter Pessetto

podcast Jun 11, 2020

Active Choices with Peter Pessetto


In this episode, Sara talks with Peter Pessetto, author of Active Choices, a book that discusses how to create your own information filter to improve your life. Peter talks about “choosing the people on your bus,” cutting negativity out of your life, and being tough on the standards for the people allowed in your life.


Episode Highlights: 

  • Peter talks about a time when he used to travel frequently and consume high amounts of information through reading and listening to audiobooks.
  • Are the books that you name in your book the ones that helped shape you?
  • Sara likes the chapter “Choose the People on your Bus,” and asks, who exactly are the people on someone’s bus?
  • Peter mentions how the people you surround yourself with can impact your success.
  • Since you wrote active choices, how has your bus changed?
  • How do you tactfully get someone off of your bus?
  • Peter mentions how even he isn’t always perfect about being tough on his standards.
  • You need to own 100% of the responsibility for everyone in your life because you put them all there.
  • Everyone on your bus should be a “hell yes” or a “no.”
  • How can a person be ok with not being on someone’s bus?
  • Sara brings up the quote from the book, “It’s better to be alone than in bad company” and asks Peter to elaborate.
  • Peter talks about his elopement with someone he knew for a short time and their divorce soon after.
  • Peter talks about ways he cuts negative people out of his life, such as unfollowing them on Facebook.
  • Active choices don’t have to be huge, life-changing things.
  • Sara mentions that this book is good for everyone because it meets everyone where they are.


3 Key Points:

  1. Peter discusses the idea of “choosing the people on your bus.”
  2. Peter talks about how to get someone off your bus, and how people can react to leaving the bus.
  3. Peter talks about the idea that “it’s better to be alone than in bad company.”

Resources Mentioned: 


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