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Episode 8: Heilman’s Performance Lifestyle

podcast Jun 04, 2020

In this episode, Sara talks with Caleb Heilman, owner of Heilman’s Performance, a human performance training venue in Minot, North Dakota. Caleb talks about the importance of engaging youth in sports, how Heilman’s Performance can help youth athletics and training, and why the skills learned in a variety of sports are important for the development of athleticism and overall health.


Episode Highlights: 

  • Caleb works with many athletes at Heilman’s performance, especially student-athletes.
  • When do you recommend kids start working out on an actual workout regimen?
  • They have different skills programs for different sports, but they don’t have sport-specific strength training.
  • Structurally kids can learn how to resistance train at just about any age, the important factor is the level of maturity.
  • What ages start with you?
  • Caleb has started with kids as young as 8, but again it all depends on the maturity level.
  • More typically, Caleb starts seeing children around ages 10-12.
  • Exposure at a younger age can be very beneficial to children as they enter high school.
  • Did you grow up in this atmosphere, were you really young when you were working out?
  • Caleb originally went to college for physical education and went on to get a Master’s degree in kinesthesiology and sports psychology.
  • What would you recommend for people on how to get their kids out and moving for the summer, especially if they don’t have access to a facility?
  • Caleb has created a free google sheet with links to recorded exercises.
  • What is your opinion on kids doing a variety of sports vs sticking with one sport from a young age?
  • There are some sports that require a high level of early specification, but generally, a variety is better for the development for general athleticism.
  • Skills learned in one sport can be generalized into other sports.
  • Did you play any sports other than baseball?
  • Are you ever too old to jump in and discover the weight room?
  • Do you have people do a meal plan with their training?
  • North Dakota is a state where you cannot provide nutritional guidance without being a registered dietician. 
  • Caleb can share information and have conversations about nutrition, but he cannot design plans.
  • Do you discourage your athletes from eating “junk food?”
  • Caleb will encourage his youth athletes to keep a journal so they can have a discussion about the foods they are eating.


3 Key Points:

  1. The maturity level is a very important factor when considering starting resistance training.
  2. Generally, engaging in a wide range of sports is better for promoting general athleticism and preventing sports-specific injuries.
  3. Proper nutrition is an important part of athletics and training for youth.


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