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Episode 35: Hot Christmas Mess

podcast Dec 24, 2020

On this episode of the Fast Lane with Sara Jayne podcast, Sara Jayne talks to her husband Ryan Klein about his perspectives on celebrating the Christmas holiday, shopping for gifts, the roles that he plays in making their Christmas holiday special for their children and each other, and traditions that matter to them.


Episode Highlights: 

  • Sara Jayne introduces her guest and husband, Ryan Klein. 
  • Who does he normally have to buy Christmas gifts for?  
  • How much does he participate in the magic of Christmas? 
  • Would he participate in baking sugar cookies and popcorn balls? 
  • How does he feel about Christmas movies and Christmas traditions?  
  • What does he think his role in Christmas is? 
  • What are Ryan's favorite Christmas foods? 
  • How have Sara and Ryan split Christmas time with their family members? 
  • What is Ryan most excited about for Christmas this year? 
  • Ryan and Sara share a story about playing with Nerf toys with their sons. 
  • Sara talks about buying Ryan some Levis jeans.  
  • What would Ryan like to have for Christmas? 
  • Is Sara Jayne a procrastinator when it comes to Christmas shopping? 


3 Key Points:

  1. The only thing that is constant is change.  
  2. Start shopping in advance, in the summer or fall if possible, to find special items or things that come in particular sizes.  
  3. Consider the Christmas traditions that mean the most to your family members to prioritize them and balance these activities to the best of your ability. 

Resources Mentioned:


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