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Episode 32: Unraveled: Addiction and Redemption with Author Tom Boldt

podcast Dec 03, 2020

On this episode of the Fast Lane with Sara Jayne podcast, Sara Jayne talks to Tom Boldt, the author of the book Unraveled: A Mother and Son Story of Addiction and Redemption that he wrote with his mother Laura Cook Boldt. Unraveled provides their personal mother and son stories of dealing with addiction as two people that both recovered from it. Tom Boldt opens up about near-death experiences under the influence that he survived, what he learned to overcome addiction, and the effects it had on his family and personal life. 


Episode Highlights: 

  • What is the book Unraveled about?  
  • How old was Tom when his mother became sober? 
  • Does being bullied tend to lead to addiction? 
  • What type of addictive tendencies did Tom Boldt have when he was growing up? 
  • Does his past experience with bullying worry him about sending a child to school?   
  • What was the experience like with panic attacks?   
  • When was the breaking point when he heavily got involved in drugs and alcohol?  
  • Painkillers were his drug of choice. 
  • In 2012, Tom got extremely high and fought with his friend who was injured. 
  • What was his family dynamic like with his parents and siblings during his addiction days?  
  • He discusses the serious accident he experienced at age 20.   
  • What was going through his head when he sat his parents down to tell that he was done with drugs?  
  • How was his rehab experience? 
  • Tom Boldt doesn't keep alcohol in his house. 
  • Was he an entirely different person when he was intoxicated?  
  • When he went to group therapy, what was he thinking about? 
  • Kids need educated awareness about drugs and alcohol. 
  • Is Tom anyone’s sponsor, and is anyone his sponsor?  
  • Does he plan to write any more books?  

3 Key Points:

  1. Addiction can dig its claws into anyone, regardless of their race, economics, educational level, or social standings.  
  2. It can be very dangerous coming off of a drug and alcohol detox, including seizing up and dying if they aren’t handled properly. 
  3. Addiction is a life-long battle. Quitting is just the beginning. 


Resources Mentioned:


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