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Episode 15: Surviving Ted Bundy

podcast Jul 23, 2020

On today’s episode of Fast Lane with Sara Jayne, Sara speaks with Kathy Kleiner. Kathy tells her story about growing up with Lupus, going to college, and surviving an attack by Ted Bundy. Kathy speaks about her recovery process, and how she had to pull deeply on her inner strength to persevere and not let that moment define the rest of her life.


Episode Highlights: 

  • Kathy recounts her childhood, remembering her father, and learning that her father passed away when she was 5. 
  • Later, Kathy’s mother remarried and her step-father adopted her and she took his last name.
  • When she was in sixth grade, Kathy fell ill and was eventually diagnosed with systemic Lupus at 13.
  • Kathy did an experimental chemotherapy treatment for her Lupus when she was 13.
  • With your Lupus, did you experience more pain or exhaustion?
  • Do you continue to have issues with Lupus now?
  • Kathy does not want to let Lupus hold her back.
  • After you graduated from high school what did you do?
  • Kathy went on to study at FSU and even joined a sorority.
  • Can you explain the traumatic experience you went through while living at the sorority house?
  • In January 1978, Kathy went to a wedding and reception at a small chapel and was planning to go to a movie with friends afterwards.
  • After getting back to the house, Kathy decided to stay home and study instead.
  • That night, Kathy was first woken up slightly by a quiet noise like the door sliding on the carpet, and later, she was woken by a louder noise of a trunk in her room being hit.
  • Kathy saw the silhouette of a person standing over her, and when she was hit her jaw was shattered in 3 places.
  • When her roommate came over, Ted also attacked her with the same piece of firewood.
  • When their room became light from a car’s headlights, Ted became scared and ran out of their room.
  • The next thing Kathy remembers was a police officer next to her and feeling safe again.
  • What time approximately did the attack occur?
  • Who found you? And how did they find you?
  • Kathy’s roommate was able to get up and walk into the hallway and one of their sorority sisters found her.
  • Three weeks after the attack, Kathy was taken to an oral surgeon who had to re-break her jaw so it would heal correctly.
  • Kathy continues to have pain in her jaw to this day and had surgery as recently as 2 years ago.
  • What is your message to someone who has survived a traumatic experience?


3 Key Points:

  1. Kathy was diagnosed with systemic Lupus at a young age which had a significant impact on her childhood.
  2. When she was in college, Kathy was attacked by Ted Bundy while in her sorority house.
  3. Kathy does not let the attack define her.

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