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Episode 14: A Journey to Sobriety with Brian Heintz

podcast Jul 16, 2020

During today’s episode of Fast Lane with Sara Jayne, Sara speaks with Brian Heintz about his journey to sobriety and his path to deepening his faith. Brian writes a blog where he shares his journey. Brian and Sara talk about his history, what helped him change, and his current views on life.


Episode Highlights: 

  • Brian was born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
  • Brian talks about how, around the ages 19-20, he got very into “partying and girls,” which destroyed many of his relationships. Brian had to work to rebuild those relationships.
  • Were you close with your mom when you grew up?
  • When you were in your partying days, did your mom try to get you out of it or let you find your own way?
  • Were you raised around people who did a lot of drinking?
  • Brain talks some about his relationship with his dad after his parents divorced, and how he wishes his dad had been more present before he passed away.
  • Was it a turning point for you when he passed away?
  • Is there anything you wish you had done before he passed?
  • What day did you decide that you weren’t drinking any longer?
  • Brian became sober on October 25, 2012.
  • He started a blog because he was going stir-crazy and had too many thoughts in his head while trying to change his whole lifestyle.
  • Did you ever start to get tired of or sarcastic with people who were not experienced with understanding alcoholism or sobriety?
  • Brian speaks about the double standard with alcohol, and how alcohol is glorified but sobriety not taken seriously.
  • Did you have any friends who tried to get you to continue drinking?
  • Did you have anyone who would check up on you to make sure you weren’t drinking?
  • Brian started going to church in 2013, and he is still going to church 7 years later.
  • Did you have any books that you felt were critical to helping you?
  • Brian says he self-sabotaged his first relationship after becoming sober because he thought it was too good to be true.
  • Do you ever still feel that it’s you against the world?
  • Is church something you were looking for, or is it something that your girlfriend brought into your life?
  • Does your mom go to church with you?
  • Brian is currently pursuing a degree in addiction counseling.


3 Key Points:

  1. It is important to let yourself feel things and not bottle up your emotions or experiences.
  2. There is a double standard around the acceptance of alcohol but not sobriety.
  3. Everything that happens is a lesson and you can learn from it.

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