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Episode 10: Meditation, Spirituality, and Energy with Annette Rugolo

podcast Jun 18, 2020

During today’s episode of Fast Lane with Sara Jayne, Sara speaks with Annette Rugolo, teacher, speaker, and soul guidance facilitator, about meditation and spirituality. Annette explains the different frequencies of energy.


Episode Highlights:

  • Annette bases many of her methods on the work of Marie Diamond.
  • Can you explain how we can pick up on each others’ energy and how energy works for the average person?
  • Annette considers negative emotions to be lower vibrational energy and positive emotions to be higher vibrational energy.
  • Annette believes that children have a more innate ability to sense energies than adults.
  • How can we raise our energy vibration, other than meditation?
  • The first step is to determine what is your energy and what is outside energy.
  • You also need to rid yourself of the “baggage,” or the heavy energy that you are carrying.
  • Can you talk about energy rings and what they can be used for?
  • Annette works with light frequencies, and each frequency has its own characteristic.
  • The energy rings are made of copper and can hold all 24 frequencies of light.
  • Annette explains why many people feel “down” when returning from trips or vacations.
  • Annette explains the concept of dousing.
  • How often should someone have their house doused?
  • How about space clearing? How often should someone have their space cleared?
  • Should these things also be done for rental properties?
  • Annette explains the significance of the colors she works with.
  • What do you do with vision boards?
  • Once you complete an item on your vision board, you should remove it.
  • What are your thoughts on gratitude journals?
  • How can people start on a meditation journey, work on getting their house doused, etc?
  • You can start by going to the resources page on Annette’s Website and look for the Tubes of Light meditation.


3 Key Points:

  1. Everything, including people and feelings, have their own energies.
  2. Energy rings can help people raise the vibrational frequency of their energy.
  3. Dousing can help improve the energy in a home or environment.

Resources Mentioned: 


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