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Episode 01: My New Job

podcast Apr 16, 2020

In the first episode of the Fast Lane with Sara Jayne podcast, Sara Jayne discusses how she is preparing to homeschool her children during the COVID-19 crisis. Hear obstacles Sara Jayne is facing, what she’s expecting going into this new challenge, and remember that although you may be nervous about these big changes, you’ve got this.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Sara Jayne recently began teaching her children from home.
  • Teaching children can be challenging when it seems like they won't listen.
  • Sara Jayne demonstrates that she's tough and can handle this challenge although she feels nervous.
  • She outlines many of the challenges that may arise in this situation. 
  • One of her children asks many questions before following instructions.
  • Another thing making her nervous is that her husband is unavailable to help her homeschool.
  • There will potentially be differences in how quickly her kindergartner and third-grader complete their tasks.
  • In preparation, she set up two desks and will put up a desk for her two-year-old as well.
  • For one hour each day, the third-grade teacher will be online with her class.
  • Sara Jayne tells the story of being needed by three people at once on her way to simply purchase a new DVD player and DVDs.
  • Sara Jayne describes the difficulty of keeping her two-year-old occupied.
  • Sara Jayne decided to be more professional by dressing accordingly and planning out the day.
  • Although she planned out the day, she realized she does not really know how the timing will work and how much time each activity will require.
  • Teachers are likely very overwhelmed right now learning how to teach online and via correspondence.
  • Her children are excited to start homeschool. Her husband is indifferent. She is feeling stressed.
  • Her children are confused about why things are different right now.
  • She feels sad for her kids that they are unable to communicate with their friends.
  • She has seen many positive people trying to help.
  • Sara Jayne hopes other parents in this situation enjoy their new job. 

3 Key Points:

  1. Homeschooling two children while also caring for a toddler is new territory for many parents.
  2. Although materials have been provided by teachers, how the day will unfold and how much time each activity requires is unknown. 
  3. Many children are confused about these changes and cannot communicate with their friends.

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