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Episode 106: Non Toxic CEO Miranda Inglis

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2023

Small town girl turned CEO, Miranda Inglis is in the Fast Lane discussing her life journey that led her from sickness to health. Miranda, an engineer, went from making her own personal care products to selling them. Miranda didn't stop there, she became the CEO of Pure Haven, a company that has dedicated its very existence to providing families with safe products for their homes. 


Instagram: @nontoxceo


Miranda earned her bachelor’s degree in engineering from Ohio State University and quickly became a leader in the automotive industry. For 13 years she built a career that spanned the areas of manufacturing, parts distribution, quality, safety, and leadership development for a top automobile manufacturer. Miranda led a development program for engineers that changed the way the company hired and developed individuals throughout its North American operations.

Miranda is now a mom on a mission. After a long struggle with infertility, she became passionate about clean ingredients and found Pure Haven while searching for safe products for her family. She went from creating her own safe formulations for her own family at home to sharing Pure Haven’s important mission and products with families as an independent Consultant.

In 2017, after three years of experiencing the power of direct sales as a Consultant, Miranda joined the Pure Haven corporate team, unleashing her passion for helping others thrive in this business model.

Miranda’s broad knowledge of all engineering fields came into play in her role as Pure Haven’s Chief Operating Officer. In this position, Miranda led research and development efforts, overseeing a team of capable individuals, working with them to formulate products using strictly safe, non toxic ingredients. She was responsible for interfacing with vendors to verify the purity of ingredients and ensure a 100% clean finished product. She is in tune with trending ingredients and an expert in planning for variability due to the nature of fresh ingredients.

In October 2022, Miranda was appointed as Pure Haven’s Chief Executive Officer, taking the company from woman co-led to woman led. Miranda has an unwavering commitment and dedication to the Pure Haven mission and our independent Consultants’ success.

Miranda lives in Ohio with her husband and two sons, who are her everyday reminder of why Pure Haven’s mission to educate and protect families is so important. You can also follow her on Instagram for tips to living toxin free @noxtoxceo.

About Pure Haven:

Pure Haven removes toxins so you can protect your family. Pure Haven non toxic products are made with safe ingredients that you can feel good about using and sharing with loved ones. At our very own USDA Certified Organic facility, located in Johnston, Rhode Island, we manufacture unique, non toxic formulations that are trusted and true. All Pure Haven products are cruelty free, gluten free, and made in the USA.



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