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What if this is Enough?

blog Jan 09, 2022

What if this is enough?

What if we woke up in the morning, looked in the mirror and liked what we saw? What if we weren't judging the latest hair cut that is too short? What if we didn't hate the gray hair coming through? What if we liked how we fit into our jeans and not judging how our clothes fit? What if we looked in the mirror and we were happy with who we really were?

What if we were happy with the house we lived in? What if we were satisfied with the car we drive? What if we weren't constantly thinking about the bathroom remodel that will make our home better? What if we weren't thinking about needing a vacation because we are just so stressed out? What if we woke up in the morning, liked what we saw, were thankful for our home, our vehicle and our job? 

What if we finally gave ourselves credit for all that we have done and all that we continue to do? What if we stop judging ourselves and actual live in the moment and that moment is happiness? How many people live for the future? "When this....I will...." "When that....I will....."

What if we stop and look at all aspects of our lives and give props to those who deserve and believe me y'all, you're worth it! 

I am not suggesting we no longer have goals. I am not suggesting to not have other aspirations. I am suggesting that for one day, you get up and you feel grateful. You think grateful. You are grateful. How would that change your day? How would that change the day of the people around you? 

Clearly this isn't going to be like a fairy tale. But maybe, just maybe, you will have a better day. Maybe you will be excited to do something little. Maybe you will realize that all of the things you stress over day in and day out are things that do not matter in the long run. Maybe you stop and enjoy your day.

Just remember, you make yourself a better person by making your own decisions on a daily basis.

Go to bed tonight. Think about what you are grateful for.

Wake up tomorrow, look at yourself in the mirror and be grateful for what you see. You are more than you think. You make a difference in ways you will never know. Just try to give yourself credit for who you are and all that you have done and already do. 

How many times have you heard or read something like this? It's everywhere. I have seen it/read it/listened to it over and over and over and over. It wasn't until I actually stopped and thought of being grateful for all that currently is that I realized, this is enough for me.

I want you to enjoy your day. I want you to do what makes you happy. And, I want you to know that this, whatever your this is, is likely enough. Maybe more than enough. 


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