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Always Be Kind.......Mmmmkay

blog Aug 23, 2021

How many times have you read a bumper sticker/shirt/sign/anything that has text that says "Always Be Kind" or even "Always Bee Kind." There are many different spin offs as well, reminding you to be kind. I love reminders, in fact in order to function on a daily basis I need to have things written down or they aren't happening. Until it comes to my kind reminder.

I do not need a reminder to be kind, to be honest. And, I am not here telling you to be kind. You decide who you want to be and what you want to think. I want to discuss the times I really don't 'feel' like being kind.

Sounds nasty, doesn't it? Well, it's not. Let's dissect something that happened this evening. The Klein Family went out for supper. One of those stand in a line and tell them what you want kind of places. I will try to break this down real simply.

Person 1: Clearly doesn't care if they are there or not and did not give much thought to what was going on with each order.

Person 2: Didn't want to be there, super obvious. Ryan made a comment about how miserable it must be to be there and I kind of shooshed it, honestly thinking in my mind "Who knows what kind of day this person had." 

Person 3: REALLY DOES NOT WANT TO BE THERE. Like to the point where I asked a question and it was super annoying that someone dare ask a question like that. I know, awkward asking about the silverware, but I guess I just need to know my place in a restaurant. 

Person 1 gave me an eh vibe, like I was annoyed at what they were doing but we all choose how we want to act, right?

Person 2....I was just precious enough to remember that people have bad days and we all needed to understand we don't know what kind of day/week/life they have had.

Person 3....I was really just done at this point. Three strikes you're out? Maybe. But COME ON. 

I am kind at least 98% of the time. Seriously, I bet you it is that high because I truly do take into account what other people are going through. But what do we do when people just truly don't care. When people are just flat out rude? Or when people have little disregard for the people that are standing in front of them?! No, I am not incredulous at this because it was my family, I wouldn't have wanted anyone to be treated like this.

I think what bothered me the most is that I was bothered by these people and I don't like when other people dictate what I am thinking. My kindness wasn't enough, and really why should I have to work so hard?

The moral of my story is, yes, be kind. It's a nicer frame of mind to be in. But ya know what...sometimes you don't need to be kind. You just need to keep that b*&^% look off your face and not be rude.

P.S. Apparently, they didn't get the be kind memo.


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