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You CAN Keep Up With Your Busy Life!

Wellness tools and lifestyle coaching to help you feel your best.


Do you feel crappy?

  • overwhelmed with life
  • can't make decisions easily
  • getting behind at work
  • wondering if you're doing the right thing with your life
  • have a short temper with your kids and husband
  • feeling depressed or anxious
  • wondering how life got to this place


You're no Plain your body should keep up.

Get Your Life Back

You don't have to settle for life the way it is. There are simple changes that will bring the excitement back into your life.

fewer toxins

A lot of homes are loaded with toxins that make you feel bad. Replenishing your household with non-toxic products can make you feel good again.


better nutrition

Most moms don't have time for a lifestyle overhaul. Adding customized supplements will give you the energy to keep up with family and work.


discover YOU again

It's easy to get lost in life's busy demands. With the right coaching, you'll discover the dreams you left behind, so you can live the life you were meant for.

coming soon

I'm Sara Jayne!

As a busy wife, mom of three, and business owner, I know how stressful life can be. After battling anxiety and losing my dad, I reevaluated EVERYTHING so I could maximize my life! I discovered that we can turn things around! You can have more energy and a life full of all the "extra" you were made for.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic and wellness advocate, I've helped thousands of others get back on their feet the same way I did...through better nutrition, cleaner products, and a mastered mindset.

So stop beating yourself up. Instead, let's create a lifestyle that puts you back on top of your game!

You Can Feel Great Again!

There are just three simple steps.

1. schedule a call

We'll discuss your current habits and goals, and where you'd like to go next.

2. get your plan

I'll recommend simple changes that will have you feeling better soon.

3. enjoy life again

Enjoy the transformation as your mind and body begin to align with the life you want.

Keeping up with life is hard.

But don't worry. Help is on the way.

I see you! You're the mom who helps with homework, changes diapers, and volunteers for potluck set up, all while making dinner after a long day at work. You're exhausted. 

You already know that healthier habits would help and you've tried with limited success. You're starting to feel defeated maybe this busy life will run you over.  

I have good news though. Keep Reading...

I believe that you can live a life worthy of the greatness you were made for. And let's face it. Our world needs more great people like you. 
I understand what it's like to be stuck in a rut because of anxiety, depression, and the overwhelming way that life can grab a hold of us. From my own experience and from working with others, I can tell you that it is possible to get back into the "fast lane" with more energy, gratitude, and appreciation for the people around us. That's why I started helping women just like you.
With my support, getting back on track can be easier than ever.
First, you'll jump on a quick call with me. We'll talk about your current lifestyle and your goals. Then I'll give you your customized plan for supplements, reducing toxins in your home, and other resources to put the pep back in your step.  Soon, even your kids will wonder how to keep up with you and you'll be a proud role model for the important people in your life. 
So, stop worrying whether you're doing enough and schedule a call with me. We'll come up with a support plan just for you, so you can ease the anxiety, find more energy, and feel happy again! 

Life gets better when you have the courage to make a change.

Download the Clarity Guide for Busy Moms


So many women are struggling with anxiety, depression, and lack of purpose. Through no fault of their own, the world has pulled them in so many directions, they've lost sight of their true north.

These pages are designed to help you find your north star and simply start to take life back again.


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